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KO at the Shipyward
Boston Harbor Shipyard
256 Marginal St | Building 16East Boston, MA
617-418-5234 | info@kocateringandpies.com


Wednesday - Sunday: 12pm - 10pm

Monday / Tuesday : Closed. 

Kitchen closes at 9pm nightly, On Sundays we feature pies, fries and a number of specials 

Our Pies

  • Classic beef 6.60
  • Classic beef w/ cheese 6.95
  • Irish beef stew 7
  • Curried vegetable 6.30
  • Braised lamb shank 7
  • Sausage Roll 3.75
  • Pie of the Month TBD

View our pie chart to learn more about our pies!

Download “How To Eat A Pie” (pdf)

Bar Snacks


see specials board

Spicy green beans

chili, garlic, red onion 5

Wok tossed salt and pepper wings

jalapeño, lime mayo 9.75

Potato Wedges

sweet chili and sour cream 7


Assorted Aussie lollies 2

Anzac biscuits 2

Lamingtons 3

Anzac and vanilla bean ice cream sandwich 6


all salads are made to order and are dressed

Chickpea salad

Feta, green pepper, cucumber, cherry tomato, basil and olives over chopped romaineSM 6.25 / LG 9.75

Aussie style Caesar salad

Grated egg, shredded parmesan, bacon, garlic croutons and house-made dressing SM 6.25 / LG 9.75

Mixed greens salad

Lemon vinaigrette SM 3.50 / LG 6.50

Salad additions

schnitty chicken 5, curried chciken salad 5, spicy shrimp 8, shrimp salad 8.50, grilled fish 9

download our menu

Main Meals

Shipyard fish and chips

Grilled local pollock, potato wedges, tartare 16

Pie floater

Any pie, mash, mushy peas, gravy. Pie + 7

Spicy shrimp on the barbie

Corn, rice, scallion, cilantro salad. cherry tomato, cucumber, feta 13.75


Chicken schnitzel aka 'Schnitty' burger

Crispy fried chicken breast, iceberg, Swiss, sweet chili sauce, mayo  9

Curried chicken salad

lettuce, pickled cucumbers - 7.50

Prawn salad

lime, chili, tarragon, chives, mayo, cucumber, iceberg, buttered roll 13.50



Potato Chips 1
Lamb gravy 2
Garlic mash 4
Corn, rice, scallion, cilantro salad 4
Mushy peas 3