• Salad
  • Fried fish sandwich

Our Pies

  • Classic beef 8.25
  • Classic beef w/ cheese 8.25
  • Beef stew 8.25
  • Curried vegetable 8.25
  • Braised lamb shank 8.25
  • Sausage Roll 4.95
  • Pie of the Month TBD

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Potato Wedges

sweet chili and sour cream 8


Anzac biscuits 3

Lamingtons 4

Anzac and vanilla bean ice cream sandwich 8



all salads are made to order and are dressed

Chickpea salad

Feta, green pepper, cucumber, cherry tomato, basil and olives over chopped romaineSM 7 / LG 11

Aussie style Caesar salad

Grated egg, shredded parmesan, bacon, garlic croutons and house-made dressing SM 7 / LG 11

Mixed greens salad

Lemon vinaigrette SM 5 / LG 8

Salad additions

schnitty chicken 5, spicy shrimp 8, grilled fish 10

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Main Meals

Shipyard fish and chips

Grilled local pollock, potato wedges, tartare 17

Pie floater

Any pie, mash, mushy peas, gravy. Pie + 8

*all sides served separately 1 upcharge

Spicy shrimp on the barbie

Corn, rice, scallion, cilantro salad. cherry tomato, cucumber, feta 15


Chicken schnitzel aka 'Schnitty' burger

Crispy fried chicken breast, iceberg, Swiss, sweet chili sauce, mayo  11

KO fish sandwich

grilled lcoal pollock, KO tartare sauce,

shredded iceberg, toasted roll 14



Lamb gravy 2
Garlic mash 4
Corn, rice, scallion, cilantro salad 4
Mushy peas 3

What is a KO PIE?

A shortcrust base encases a five inch-round, delicious meat or vegetable filling under a crisp puff pastry top. It’s an all-natural, authentic Aussie offering of gourmet goodness.

Braised Lamb Shank

Braised Lamb Shank

Our very first winner of the "Pie of the Year" contest. Spice rubbed lamb shanks, braised until falling off the bone, mixed w/ carrots, green beans and peas in a rich lamb gravy.

Curried Vegetable

Curried Vegetable

Fresh carrots, cauliflower, potato, zucchini, peas, chilli, garlic and onions in a mildly spiced, aromatic Indian curry. Loaded with veggies, great for vegetarians and pairs well with our meat options.

Beef Stew

Beef Stew

Chuck beef stewed for over 5 hours with garlic, onions, bay leaves, red wine and beef stock until it falls apart and is shredded. An intense, hearty beef flavoured stew.

Classic w / Cheese

Classic w / Cheese

Classic beef filling with the addition of white cheddar cheese under the puff pastry lid and shredded Parmesan on top. It’s our version of the cheeseburger.

Classic pie


Lean ground beef cooked with sweet white onions in peppered beef gravy. Our best seller. Not called a classic for nothing.